🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower
🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower

🌺Lupine Flower Seeds - Mother Flower


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🌺Lupins, also commonly known as garden lupins, are an early-season perennial known for their tall, lush spikes filled with brightly colored flowers! It may take up to half a year after planting to produce the stunning blooms, but the gardener's patience will be rewarded with an abundance of colorful blooms!

Planting method:

🌺Best planting season: February-April and September-December.

🌺Planting location: Suitable for garden planting.

🌺Suitable temperature: 0°C or above.

🌺Planting time: Suitable for planting all year round.

🌺Sunshine: Likes a cool climate and sunny place.

🌺Soil: Lupinhua is highly adaptable, but prefers loose, fertile, and well-drained soil.

🌺Cultivation method: Lupine propagates through seeds.

🌺Fertilizer: During the growing season, general plant fertilizer can be applied regularly for half a month to promote plant growth and flowering.

By following these tips, you can successfully grow and care for lupines and enjoy their beautiful blooms as quickly as possible.

About lupine flowers:

🌺How to Plant Lupine Seeds?

Lupine seeds require scarification prior to planting. This is a simple process that involves nicking the seeds with a knife or rubbing them with sandpaper or a file. Direct sow your seeds onto the surface of the soil and compress, but do not cover, as Lupines need sunlight to germinate. Sprouts will appear in about 10-15 days.

🌺Do the lupines come back every year?
Yes! This perennial flower blooms year after year.

🌺What are the benefits of lupine flowers?
Lupine flower extract stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Lupeol is extracted from lupine flower seeds and promotes collagen synthesis, which provides elasticity and firmness. Lupeol belongs to the class of pentacyclic triterpenoids known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

🌺Can lupins spread?
Lupins will also self-seed in the garden, so lifting the seedlings with a garden trowel and potting them in is also a good way to produce new plants.

🌺Do lupins bloom all summer?
Depending on the variety and your region, lupine flowers bloom from late spring to the first week of July. Therefore, we recommend planting some late-blooming summer plants among them—zinnias, coneflowers, daisies—to maintain fall color.

About Lu Binghua:

🌺Growth period: Germinate within 10 days, bloom after half a year, and bloom every year thereafter.

🌺Flowering period: 90 days (April-June).

🌺Features: Strong adaptability, cold and drought resistance, easy to plant, strong propagation ability through seeds.

🌺Function: Highly ornamental, the best choice for garden planting.

🌺Flower language: maternal love, happiness and selfless dedication.

🌺Special note: Lupine flowers are slightly poisonous and are a well-known ornamental plant. It is forbidden to eat all parts of the flower, including the flowers and fallen seeds (which can be touched). The grown pods can be eaten through special processing.

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