Lantana Calippo Tutti Frutti Flower Plants

Lantana Calippo Tutti Frutti Flower Plants


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Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)
Full SunFull Sun
Suitable for Attracting BeesSuitable for Attracting Bees
Suitable for Attracting ButterfliesSuitable for Attracting Butterflies
Suitable for ContainersSuitable for Containers
  • Height: 30cm(1ft)
  • Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)
  • Sow/Plant Outside: April to May
  • Flowers/Harvest: July to October

    Flowers are borne in an array of cocktail-like colours from early summer and into autumn. Neat and bushy in habit with deep green, aromatic foliage.

    Calippo Series
    A profusion of coloured clusters burst out above neat mounds of foliage making patio pots and borders come alive in summer. Incredibly drought tolerant and a lover of warm and sunny days, ideal in times of water shortage. Also attracts butterflies. Create an exotic feel with our collection of hot Mediterranean colours.