Soaking Seeds

by Gardenerstar

Soaking Seeds

What is Seed Soaking

Soaking a seed before planting softens its coat and greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for the plant to begin germination. There are a variety of reasons why seeds need to soak before planting. Mother Nature has put several defenses in place to prevent seeds from germinating at the wrong time. Soaking seeds will remove any germination inhibitors to help trigger the seeds into growing at the right moment. The boosted moisture concentration around the seeds also signals that it’s ready to grow.  

How to Soak Seeds 

Place your seeds in a jar, and fill the jar with warm water. Make sure the water is not boiling as extreme heat could have the reverse effect and prevent germination. Place the jar in a warm location for the recommended amount of time—near a window or on top of your refrigerator works fine. When finished, plant seeds immediately so they don’t dry out.  

The length of time seeds should soak, along with other important instructions, can be found in Eden Brothers’ planting guides. 

If your seed also requires scarification, you should scarify first and soak after. 

Varieties that Need Soaking

Anemone Corms
Beet Seeds
Honeywort Seeds
Hyacinth Bean Seeds
Mimosa Seeds
Morning Glory Seeds
Nasturtium Seeds
Okra Seeds
Parsley Seeds
Passiflora Seeds
Phacelia Seeds
Ranunculus Corms
Rosemary Seeds
Sweet Pea Seeds