Brussels Sprout Recipe

by Gardenerstar

Brussels Sprout Recipe

When preparing delicious dishes using Brussels sprouts, there are a number of specific ways to choose from. Here are some common ways to cook Brussels sprouts:

1.Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

Cutting: Trim the kale, removing loose leaves and stem base, then cut it into halves or whole.
Season: Toss Brussels sprouts in a large bowl with olive oil, garlic flakes, salt, and black pepper.
Roast: Spread the Brussels sprouts evenly on the baking sheet, making sure they don't overlap. Then place the baking sheet in an oven preheated to 425°F (220°C) and bake for about 20-25 minutes, or until the Brussels sprouts are golden and crispy.
Optional: After roasting, drizzle with lemon juice to add acidity and fresh flavor.

2.Sautéed Brussels Sprouts:

Cut: Slice or dice the Brussels sprouts and prepare other desired vegetables and seasonings.
Cook: Add olive oil, garlic and other vegetables to a hot pan, then add the Brussels sprouts cubes. Stir fry quickly until they are tender-crisp, usually 5-7 minutes.

3.Kale Salad:

Preparation: Thinly sliced Brussels sprouts can be mixed with other vegetables, nuts, fruits, cheeses and sauces to create a versatile salad.

4.Brussels sprouts burritos:

Prepare the kale leaves: Trim and wash the kale leaves, making sure they are clean and remove any hard stems.
Prepare toppings: Choose your favorite burrito fillings such as ham, cheese, carrots, cucumbers, etc.
Wrap the burrito: Place the kale leaves on a work surface, add the filling, and gently roll up, similar to a sushi roll.
Cutting: Cut the burrito into small pieces for easy serving.


Prepare cans or containers for pickling: Make sure the cans or containers are clean and sanitary.
Prepare the kale: Trim the kale to size to fit in the can or container.
Prepare the pickling liquid: According to the recipe of the pickled ingredients you choose, make the pickling liquid, which usually includes water, salt, vinegar, spices, etc.
Pickled Brussels sprouts: Place the Brussels sprouts and pickling liquid in a can or container in layers, making sure the Brussels sprouts are completely immersed in the pickling liquid.
Seal the can or container and marinate the ingredients for the recommended time.